Palaiologue is a small business that works hard to make unique, locally-sourced, and sustainable clothing while using high quality fabrics and keeping costs down.

For this reason, we are unable to accept returns. We want to ensure that you are happy with our products, so please consult the sizing chart and measurements.

We ship all around the world using Greece’s national post, ELTA, and provide tracking for all orders. Domestic orders should be expected within a week, while international orders should be expected in about two weeks. Orders to Australia usually arrive in a month.  

Free shipping within Greece and Euro10 for all international orders.

Palaiologue works hard to produce sustainable, locally-sourced clothing and accessories. All of our fabrics are produced, cut, and sewn in Thessaloniki, Greece and excess fabric from the cutting-room is saved to create zero-waste bags and accessories.

Our philosophy is to produce clothing that is beyond microtrends to make sure that our items will remain active staples of your closet for a long time. We support buying quality items that are timeless, instead of quantity items that are ephemeral.

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