Vicky Hioureas founded Palaiologue (pronounced Pal-ay-oh-loh-g) in 2019. She grew up in California, but her roots are in the arid olive-growing region of the Peloponnese, in southern Greece. She earned a PhD in Byzantine history at Princeton, and is currently a Fulbright fellow in Israel. She splits her time between California, Israel, and Thessaloniki with her husband.

From a young age, Vicky has traveled and spent time in various regions in Greece, getting to know the people, traditions, and music that make each village distinct. She learned how to loom and embroider from women in Thrace, in the North, during her extended stays.

Inspired by folk traditions, she creates designs that are reminiscent of fabrics and embroidery motifs from rural communities. As a Byzantine historian herself, Vicky creates clothes that draw on the past. She bases her designs off of dress patterns that were worn for decades, if not centuries.

Each season’s collection is inspired by the unique traditional clothing of a different village. Vicky’s intention is to give modern women the opportunity to wear and connect with this rich heritage. Palaiologue breathes a new life into a style of dress that has been long-removed from the contemporary wardrobe.

The brand philosophy is the antithesis of fast fashion: quality fabrics, small-scale production, and practical designs that are diachronic. Palaiologue is a modern take on traditional clothing.

A short clip of Vicky learning how to use the weaving loom in a village in Thrace in 2016. While Mrs. Triantafilouda was teaching Vicky how to loom, Mrs. Athanasia Karagianni was singing for the occasion off-camera.


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